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Examples of Websites

Keep U Safe


I have been designing web sites privately for around 26 years now and have a long list of clients.


I was also the IT Manager, computer technician and Orange Card Holder (Ed Qld qualification for working on the Managed Operating Environment for Qld State Schools) and taught for many years at Rochedale State School in Brisbane, Queensland.

I created and maintained the Rochedale State School web site which won several awards - The Australian Internet Awards in 1996 and 1997and the QIT & T Awards in 1997.

The school pages were recognised as one of the leading examples of school web sites in Australia and encompassed many subjects and many different types and styles of pages. Unfortunately, the school pages have been transferred to Word Press and  are no longer maintained by me.

My old website was one of the largest spider sites in the world and had over 19 million hits since its inception as part of a class project on spiders. I spent a great deal of time answering questions about spiders and identifying them for people. It has been replaced with Just Spiders. Bit of a different hobby hey?

Here's some comments from happy clients: 

"This is a fantastic outcome. I am very happy with what you have done ......" - Arthur

"I want to thank you so very much for the patience and consideration you have shown me. I never take kindness for granted and I really appreciate what you have given me." - Gloria


Here's one in USA:
"I would say that you have done has far exceeded my expectations." - Mark  


Here's what a former client, ISR Auto Care in the United States had to say about their newly redesigned web site (for the second time):
 "I just wanted to say again how 'HOT' our web site looks. I just stare at it, it looks so good!"  - Pam.


I also created 3 other sites for the same client, Hot Chicks Racing, Crystal Spirit and Bache International.


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